The myths you’ve been fed about diets


You’re overweight because you eat too much.

The truth:
Eating too much can be a factor in becoming over-weight and having Metabolic Syndrome (MSx).  However, people who are over-weight usually do not over-eat in the amount of food they consume.  In fact,  many over-weight people eat just one big meal a day.  The primary reason a person is overweight is because they over eat too much of a certain macro-nutrient food source such as complex and simple carbohydrates (e.g., breads, pastas, soda, candy and fruits; eat.  The average woman in the U.S. consumes 325 grams daily.  Men consume 450 grams daily.  The human body wasn’t designed to eat that many carbohydrates on a daily bases and remain healthy.  As a general rule, you should reduce the national average of carbohydrate consumption by 45 to 60%

High Blood Pressure runs in the family..

The truth:
Earlier research thought that a renal or endocrine disorder was the cause of high blood pressure (hypertension).  Recent research has determined that the primary cause of high blood pressure is Metabolic Syndrome (MSx) and too much insulin production, which can cause a thickening and inelasticity of arterial walls and hypertrophy of the left heart ventricle.  Additionally, there may be an increase of blood volume due to water retention of the kidneys because of the increased output of insulin from the pancreas.  Both disorders can increase the risks of heart attack, heartfailure, stroke, end-stage renal disease, or retinal hemorrhage.  The good news is that your high blood pressure is because of your eating habits than from your family tree.

Because your parents and grandparents had High Cholesterol means you will.

The truth:
Your body actually makes most of the cholesterol that is in your body right now, most of it (approx. 85 – 90%) is manufactured, first by your liver and then your skin.  That is the reason your blood tests for cholesterol will only drop about 10% if you cut out all the high cholesterol foods from your diet.
It’s important to know that cholesterol isn’t bad.  In fact, your cells structural integrity is made from cholesterol and without it your cells would fall apart.  There are 7 different kinds of cholesterol and the wrong levels of some are unhealthy.  A high triglyceride level combined with low HDL or high LDL is associated with several health risks one being diabetes.
A high carbohydrate diet will increase the amount of insulin in the body which signal your cells to make more cholesterol, even if your body already has higherlevels.
  That’s one reason why you want your triglyceride to be lower.  The most important types of lipids to watch is your HDL (good type).  Divide your HDL level into your total cholesterol levels to find your ratio.  You goal is to be below 4.0.  And your triglyceride levels (<150).

You can’t stop Diabetes from ever being part of your life…your doomed!

The truth:
Research is showing that Type II Diabetes may be reversible through treatment and dietary management.  Lowering your insulin levels and increasing your cellular sensitivity to insulin will decrease your chances from getting type II diabetes.
Extended consumption of a high carbohydrate diet will increase insulin production and may result in a condition called Hyperinsulinemia, fatty liver, insulin resistance, elevated cholesteroland blood pressure levels, and weight gain. Having type II diabetes is a matter of controlling what you eat.

Fatty Liver only happens to alcoholics.

The truth:
Trying to lose weight with a fatty liver can be nearly impossible.  Clinical studies confirm that a fatty liver can be corrected in as little as 12 weeks.  High levels of insulin are a major contributing factor to fatty liver.  Too many carbohydrate rich foods in your diet will elevate insulin levels and over stress your pancreas, which can lead to a fatty liver.
The symptoms listed above are symptoms of Metabolic Syndrome (MSx).  Living free of these issues are easier than you have been lead to believe.   Over 80% of Americans are suffering from one of the issues listed above.  Medical research has proven that you can choose to be free from all of these issues.  The answer isn’t found in medications or operations.  The simple truth is food is what caused these issues in your life and 3Believe SmartFood can play a part the answer in freeing you from them.
The answer isn’t found in you spending more time in the gym or trying harder and taking a magic pill isn’t the answer.  But if you focus on reversing the root cause of why you have these issues has liberated millions.

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