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Please select from the 3 ways to be associated with 3Believe

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Please enter the USERNAME of the 3Believe sales rep who recruited you. If you do not know the username of your recruiter, you can enter unknown. Please then email [email protected] to let us know who you intended to sign up under.

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Placement Option for Experienced Recruiters Only:
Your recruiter may place you anywhere in their organization on their 4th level or below. They should enter the USERNAME of the 3Believe sales rep they would like to place you under.

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Split commissions between two enrollment reps? Enter the username below of the person who should receive 50% of the commissions earned from the person you are currently signing up.

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This information will be used to access your back office, update your autoship, view your order history, track orders online, etc..

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Pick a username that will be easy for your clients and sales reps to remember. Your username will be your business card for enrollment into your 3B website.

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