How do you feel now (physical wellbeing) – compared to before the protocol (please give details)
Since being on the 3BELIEVE protocol, I have noticed a significant increase in my energy levels. With my busy schedule, I used to come home from a long day and want to sit on the couch and then go to bed early. Now that I am on the protocol, I can come home after work and have energy to workout, do my homework, run errands, and take care of my family. I can keep going until I am ready to go to bed. I used to get so frustrated with how tired I always felt. Now I feel great, and having the energy to do what I want makes me a much happier person.

What things can you do now that you could not OR not as well or comfortable
The 3BELIEVE protocol and my health coach have taught me to tune into my body. I now know what my body needs to perform at it’s best. I had reached a plateau in my weight loss and fitness goals, and the 3BELIEVE protocol has quickly helped me to overcome my roadblocks. I now have the strength and the energy to push my body harder while working out, which delivers results much quicker. I no longer have the soreness in my muscles that prevented me from staying consistent with exercise. I can feel the difference in my muscles now that they are being nourished properly.

How has your mood or cognitive thought improved
For me, the 3Believe protocol has dramatically changed my overall mood. I used to get irritated and angry at the smallest offenses, and now I am able to stay calm, even in very stressful situations. The protocol has evened out any chemical imbalances I had, and my general outlook on life is much more positive and happy! My cognitive thought has also increased. I think that being able to get good, solid sleep has helped this tremendously. I no longer have the urge to take naps in the middle of the day. It feels so nice to wake up when my alarm goes off and not want to bury my head under the pillow. I think I have actually become a morning person! I didn’t expect these kinds of results from the protocol, so it has been a pleasant surprise!

How has it affected you finances
Before my husband and I started the protocol, we loved to go out for nice dinners with friends, where we would easily spend a lot of money. We also made weekly trips to the grocery store and spent a couple hundred dollars on food for the week. Since being on the protocol, we have actually saved money because we don’t have the need or the desire to go out to eat as much, or to spend so much on food. I want to live a long, healthy life, so I consider the knowledge and the health benefits of the protocol to be a good investment in myself.

How easy is it to tell people about your success with 3Believe and was it easy to refer people?

I have never been so excited to talk to people about my health before! My coworkers love talking to me about my progress, and each time I see my friends, they comment on how “skinny” I am. It is easy to tell people about what I am doing, and tell them that even though it can sometimes be challenging, it is totally worth it! I love waking up each day knowing that I am treating my body right, and I look forward to making healthy choices all day. I have never felt more proud of how I am treating my body. I can finally hold my head up high and talk to people about my choices with confidence.

How important (impact) does the coaching (or your coach) have on your life and success?

If it weren’t for my health coach, I feel like I probably would have given up at some point. Knowing that I will see my health coach every week gives me a sense of accountability. I don’t want to let my coach or myself down so when I am faced with temptations, I just think of that. It is nice to know that if I have concerns or questions that I can call my coach for guidance at any time. I like that each week I learn something new, and it helps me understand more about why I am doing what I am.

ANY other thoughts or comments
I was very hesitant at first to start the protocol because I was afraid to give up foods that I thought I was emotionally attached to. However, overcoming the emotional attachment to food has made me a much stronger person overall. Food no longer dictates my life. I no longer feel the need to use food to celebrate life’s events. Instead, I go out and live my life without fear or limitations and each day now feels like a celebration of my healthy choices. I am surprised that something as simple as modifying my diet has changed my life overall. I can’t wait to see what else the future holds, and I am now confident that the knowledge I have will help me to continuously better my loved ones and myself.
Bonnie Stay, South Jordan, Utah

How do you feel now (physical well being) – compared to before the protocol (please give details)

Since being on the 3BELIEVE protocol, I feel significantly better. I have more energy, I sleep better, and my mind thinks clearer. I no longer feel physically or mentally weighed down. I have generally been one to workout, and thought I had a decent grasp on my diet, but I am amazed at the quickness of my results, namely weight and fat loss, since switching my diet to the 3BELIEVE protocol. It really was the puzzle piece I was missing to finally getting my body to where I had always dreamed.

What things can you do now that you could not OR not as well or comfortable

The biggest change I’ve noticed since being on the 3BELIEVE protocol is my physical endurance. Anytime I had started a workout routine before, I never quite got to the point of really being able to push myself in my workouts. I simply could not get my heart rate high enough, and for a prolonged amount of time to be able to reach my fitness goals. And when I did try, it was extremely painful and uncomfortable. However, just after the first week of being on the 3BELIEVE protocol, I was able to push myself like I hadn’t for years, all with amazing recovery times too. The most significant change was in my calf muscles. For 12 years my calf muscles would always cramp up on me after only running for a couple of minutes. I tried stretching, potassium, l-glutamine, and many other potential solutions, but nothing even came close to solving my problem. It only took 1 week on the 3BELIEVEprotocol for my calf pain to completely disappear. I was absolutely blown away by how quick I saw positive results. I now run for several miles at a time, and am so grateful to have that part of my life back.

How has your mood or cognitive thought improved

My mood and cognitive thought has definitely improved since being on the 3BELIEVE protocol. I attribute this to several things, the most significant being my improvement in sleep. I fall asleep faster and sleep deeper than I have in years. I am also sleeping better because I no longer wake up with heartburn in the middle of the night. The 3BELIEVE protocol has completely relieved me of all heartburn. Another reason my mood has improved is because of my new daily routine. I go throughout my day feeling confident about what I am putting in my body, and feel the positive physical effects from my new diet. Then add in my ability to workout in a way that helps me meet my fitness goals, and you have a combination that doesn’t allow for anything but happiness.

How has it affected you finances

I was initially a little concerned about the cost of the 3BELIEVE protocol, but have been very please with how well it fits into my family’s budget. We spend far less money now on going out to eat, snacks, and unnecessary items at the grocery store. Because three of our meals are inclusive in the 3BELIEVE protocol, we no longer need to buy the basket full of groceries we used to. And now having experienced the life-changing positive effects of the 3BELIEVE protocol, I know it is worth every penny. I can’t put a cost on how great I feel now.

How easy is it to tell people about your success with 3BELIEVE and was it easy to refer people?

It is very easy to tell people about my success with 3BELIEVE; namely, because they are always the ones to initiate the conversation. I physically look better than I used to, and that always gets my friends and family asking what I have been doing. I then of course can’t help but share my excitement of the 3BELIEVEprotocol with them. It’s fun to be able to share something I’m so genuinely excited about, without the pressure of having to “sell” my friends and family on why they need this. They see my enthusiasm and my success, and continually ask more questions anyway.

How important (impact) does the coaching (or your coach) have on your life and success?

The coaching that comes with the 3BELIEVE protocol is vital. Because this protocol is not just a quick fix, and is so much more than just a weight loss product, your coach helps guide you through the lifestyle change that takes place. Your coach helps explain the physiological benefits of the diet, which for me gave the protocol all that more meaning. I understood that I was doing a lot more than just losing weight; I was literally transforming my body from the inside out. My coach has also helped prepare me for the different phases of the protocol. I am fully confident in my ability to live a healthy lifestyle from here on, because of the coaching I was given.

ANY other thoughts or comments

The 3BELIEVE protocol is truly life changing. It encompasses every aspect of a healthy diet and lifestyle; and when followed exactly, leaves you with no option but success.
Jeff Stay 29, South Jordan, Utah

The addition of the 3BELIEVE wellness and weight loss program has proven to be a great decision both for my practice and the community. It has provided a nutritional program that is structured, well organized, and most definitely successful, especially for weight loss and general well being. I have found it useful for diabetic patients looking for low carbohydrate diet alternatives as well. This is the most comprehensive diet program I have found which includes proper coaching and oversight, nutrition training, and provides the motivated patient with multiple evidences of success besides solely the weight reduction. I have found the protocol to be widely successful and have had great reviews from individual
Dr. Lance Smith, Beaver Utah

Vitality Nutrition has been in business serving Davis County, Utah for over 34 years. Our primary business is to sell retail health and nutrition supplements. In the recent economic downturn, we have been holding our own in terms of sales but have not seen an increase in the last four years. Due to this I have been looking for new ways to increase sales and customer counts. I was approached with the idea of establishing a Weight is Over clinic within my store and immediately saw the obvious possible benefits. I have now had my clinic for about six months and have a current client count of 55. My average sales per client per month are $400. This includes the CMR and various other items such as the extracts, natural sweeteners, Omega Oil, Shaker cups etc. What has surprised me most about having a Weight is Over clinic is that I have only ever spent a total of under $500 advertising outside of my store. I have now reached what I consider an amazing achievement in that more than half of my current client base are referrals from other clients. We recently had a Weight is Over Open House and signed up 6 new clients, all but one was invited by a current client. The best part about Your Weight is Over is that people’s lives change in such a way that they want to share it with their friends. I tell everyone that Your Weight is Over is really a health protocol disguised as a weight loss protocol. Financially it is a business changing protocol for sure but that is not the most rewarding reason to offer the protocol to your customers. The health benefits that this protocol provides sound almost too good to be true. But they are true. I said at the beginning that my primary business is selling health and nutrition supplements but at the current pace I believe we are heading for a change. Soon, my primary business will be changing people’s lives through Your Weight is Over.
Jared St. Clair

I’M EXTREMELY PLEASED to have been invited to become involved with 3Believe in the Pre-Launch of the “Direct To User” Life Program. On an early Conference Call, I told you that I did NOT need to Lose weight but to GAIN in muscle weight. You said, “RIGHT ON” explaining, (without claiming) that many were finding all types of body improvements, feeling younger etc. I told you I wanted to get to Age 90, and you asked my age, I said, “92, I felt BETTER at 90 than now, AT 92.” I want to get back to
feeling 90. (I’m in my 49th year of very active Realty Business)
Well, to my delight, after being on the program for 6 weeks (you made a little change for me to gain muscle instead of losing fat) I have gained 8 pounds, no longer have ANY arthritic pain in hips, back and legs, can again clench my fist without pain, and can run again after about 4 months of “too much ache”. Thank you, I’m ready to shout and share! I give permission to use this testimony or any part thereof, of course, do not leave out any FUN part. I am having a Ball!
R. Dean Chapman, Oxygen man “DEAN of IOWA”

After watching my good friend Tamra go through the 3BELIEVE Diet over the last 7+ months, I decided to give it a go & I’m SO glad I did. (she’s lost 98lbs TOTAL! Last half was 3BELIEVE & she’s still going strong) It’s not just about losing the fat – it’s about getting healthy All Over 🙂 And I love that I have a personal coach (Jason Whitney) as I go through this, he has been wonderful & SO patient with me – I swear I grill him with half a dozen questions every few days but he’s always quick to respond & patient to answer which has been wonderful.

-Julia Farrell, West Jordan, Utah

My fasting blood sugar was 190 2 1/2 weeks ago. My doctor wanted me to switch to insulin from my metformin (which he’d upped to 2 a day). This morning it’s 99. I’m still on 1 metformin a day, but will be making an appointment with the doc to back that one off, too. What can I say? The system works. Now if 3BELIEVE would just create a program to keep my teenage son’s room organized…sigh.

-Gwyneth Price Kenner, S.L.C., Utah

I’m a salesman that travels a lot and I take clients out for lunch and dinner every day. Eating a healthy balanced meal is impossible! That is one reason I have put on weight and my cholesterol was so high that I was turned down for insurance and I’m only 39 years old. The CMR is so easy to make and use, I love the variety of flavors. My coach taught me how to get healthy and I still take my clients to lunch and after just 2 months my cholesterol levels were low enough to qualify for a premium rate, which saved me thousands… thank goodness for 3BELIEVE.

-– P. Resis, Sandy, Utah

I had two (2) “STENTS” placed in my vascular system in 2012 — five (5) years ago.
my Doctor recommended and insisted that I take 10 to 12 prescription drugs everyday. I objected to taking this many prescription drugs. My Doctor finally agreed for me to take only 4 t0 5 prescription drugs each day if he could review a blood test each month.
I have been on the 3 BELIEVE program for approximately six (6) weeks — consuming two (2) shakes each day.
I met with my Doctor in March for him to review and evaluate my blood test. He stated that he had been practicing medicine for over thirty (30) years; and had never seen a blood test for an eighty-five year old lady this good.
He said — “I don’t know what you are doing but continue doing the same”. I said I will — I will continue observing the 3 BELIEVE program.

As a 50 year old with fibromyalgia who grew to 316.8 pounds, lost so much muscle strength that I struggled even getting up from a dining chair, and had an ankle that had lost all integrity, I was looking at life in a wheelchair within 5 years. I also have digestive issues with symptoms of IBS, nausea whenever I eat (anything), and stomach cramps that rule my life. I have been so bad for so long I cannot remember what it feels like not to be in pain, lethargic and struggling just to complete daily tasks.
Within 2 weeks, I have lost 17 pounds (without exercise) and have finally broken the 300 pound barrier never to return! My digestive issues have disappeared completely, I can feel my muscles starting to get stronger and the pain in my ankle has lessened to the point where I can now start to walk for exercise. I can honestly say I have not been hungry, and finally feel like my body is getting what it needs.
I have searched for decades, studying everything I could lay my hands on and seeing every specialist I could find. I was told that 3Believe would change my life but I joined with equal amounts of skepticism and desperation. For the first time I feel like I am getting ME back. I feel stronger, healthier and happier. It is certainly a total game changer and day by day is giving me a brighter future. Thank you!
-Diana F Cameron, Director, Kids Discover

Hello 3Believe family, my name is Bob and this is my testimony of what this wonderful product provided for me. I started on this product on March 29, 2017 Wednesday, and since then I weigh myself every Wednesday. On this date, I weighed myself in at 222 lbs, Fat-46.6, Water-38.9, Muscle-32.5. Before this I had been trying to get my weight down from 238lbs to my goal. I plateaued at 222lbs for more than 16 months. My goal was to get my weight down so that I may be able to reduce my blood pressure meds. I was on seven different meds, had difficulty sleeping thru the night, with difficulty breathing laying on my back, and breathing out of my nose. My left knee was close to being bone to bone that caused some discomfort walking any distance.
The following weeks are documented below as I followed my 3Believe program:
My first week of Date: weight fat water muscle loss/gain
Wed April 5: 212.0 45.8 39.6 32.8 – 10 lbs
Wed April 12: 205.0 44.4 40.6 33.1 – 7.6 lbs
Wed April 19: 201.4 44.0 40.8 33.3 – 3.8 lbs
Wed April 26: 198.0 43.6 41.1 33.4 – 3.4 lbs
Wed May 3: 194.0 43.3 41.3 33.6 – 4.0 lbs
Wed May 10: 195.6 33.3 48.6 35.4 + 1.6 lbs
During this time as my weight was going down, so was my blood pressure. I was feeling great, but my blood pressure was down too low. I called my cardiologist and he wanted to see me right away. I did, and he made changes in my meds to only 3 meds.
My blood pressure is still lower than ever before at 112/77, 64 heart beats.
I have been walking three miles average, four times a week as before with no weight loss. Now I feel more energetic, I sleep with no problems except that it feels so good that I want to stay in bed longer. I can now sleep on my back or in any position. My left knee is no longer giving me any pain.
If I can do this with the 3believe products, I know you can benefit in making a healthy change in your lifestyle.
God bless our 3Believe family
-3Believe Health Coach Bob Price

I couldn’t be happier about my choice to partner with 3Believe to help people overcome Metabolic Syndrome and lead a healthier life. Being a marathon runner and Boston qualifier at the of age 49 I know the importance of a burning fat for fuel instead of glycogen which is depleted around the 20 mile mark in a marathon. The 3Believe Protocol, puts my body in a Ketogenic state and helps the mitochondria be more efficient in using stored fat for fuel. This has given me new life and focus in my training and POTENTIAL to reach new goals. I have less soreness in my musIcles and recover much quicker because my insulin levels are so much lower. I can feel the difference in my body now that its being given the proper nutrients, Omega fats, and Digestive enzymes with vitamins and minerals to utilize for optimal health. It’s been a great fit to help me reach optimal health and performance. And it’s real food in a more convenient, easy to use condensed form!

Thank you, Jason

-Daryl Campbell, MitoWellness Metairie Louisiana

I Started the diet protocol May 2016, age 34

I saw a social media post from a friend and saw she was having success so I got curious and called and scheduled my first coaching session. I really didn’t know what to expect on the protocol, I just wanted to see if I could get some relief of my stomach issues that I had been experiencing for most of my adult life. After trying multiple diet programs and changing up my diet myself by eliminating everything from my diet and then introducing items back. From trying all those “special” vitamins, and other liquid “gross” drinks, nothing was working. My coach mentioned that this protocol would help with those issues and a symptom of metabolic syndrome, so at this point I was willing to try anything.

My first week was like most, I could see and feel changes in my body…yay! Then noticed that the shakes made me feel AMAZING and FULL OF ENGERY. I was excited to see what my results would be in I weighed in the next following week….I was shocked! Down 4 lbs. and lost 6 inches, WOW. The second week on the protocol made me feel even BETTER…down another 4.5 inches and 2 lbs. lost. Which I was not looking to lose weight, so that’s exciting! I knew I finally found something that I could not let go with these kinds of results in a couple weeks.
Let circle back to my digestive issues…that has been my challenge, Right? Well let me tell you, I almost am in tears thinking about it, I finally have a reason to eat food again. No more pain, bloating, gas cramps and feeling like I want to throw up all the time, after each meal. This has truly changed my life and am forever grateful!
Also, wanted to point out my workouts and how I feel from the great omega oil that you put in the shakes. I work out 4 to 5 times a week and have for most my adult life, it’s a passion of mine! I noticed quickly that my muscles recovery if faster and have more energy while I work out. I also have gained more lean muscle mass while maintaining great hydrating levels. This stuff is magic!!!
I completed the 12 weeks that I promised myself that I would do, let me tell you, I didn’t stop at 12 weeks I am still taking these amazing products a year later. The best part I still have not gained back the 10 lbs. and the total of 16inches lose, and my digestive issues are completely gone. I still take two to three shakes a day and can’t see my life without these amazing products.

-Callie Whitney, South Jordan, Utah

The last straw for me that provided the Final Decision and commitment to change my life and lose a ton of weight….was when I was at a Football Party with 15-20 old High School friends and we took a picture together. As I was looking at the picture, it seriously took me a couple of minutes to even recognize myself and I was completely ” shocked and horrified”. I knew I was Big and overweight, but I didn’t fully realize that I was THAT BIG!!! It was Painful to look at that picture and so I made the decision right then and there that I was going to change my Life no matter what it took. I refused to go through life looking and feeling like that for even another day. So I immediately started 3believe on Dec 1st. The toughest time of the year to start a Protocol/Program. But I did not care…I could not afford to put my “Health” off for another month and pack on another 10 pounds during the Holidays.
When I started I had hit an all-time low (or an all-time high) 320 pounds. I looked terrible and felt about same, I was Huge…shocked that I would ever let myself go this far, especially since I was an Ex-College athlete and had been in Great shape the Bulk of my Life. My blood pressure was at an all-time high 140/97.
I certainly didn’t feel like being very active carrying around that much weight, so I wasn’t. I did not like looking in the mirror or taking any photo’s. Now 6 months later… I have lost 80 pounds, My blood pressure has dropped almost 30 points, I Feel better and Healthier than I have in years, I look 10x’s better. It feels great to have my athletic build back again. I love feeling and being active again. I feel light and active now vs. 6 months ago feeling Heavy and Bloated. Also, 6 months ago late at night a lot of times I would feel mentally exhausted, like I didn’t want to think anymore (because of all the sugar and processed food I was eating) Immediately after starting the protocol I noticed great mental clarity all night long, no brain fog or exhaustion.
I have tried other ways to lose weight and None of them were working for me because my body had become so Insulin resistant due to eating to much sugar and carbs (processed food). It is Fantastic to have my body burning Fat for Fuel now instead of just burning the sugar and carbs that I was feeding it. Nutritional Ketosis is the Only Method that my body was responding to.
Almost everywhere I go, people that know me are asking me what did I do to totally change my body so quickly? I Love sharing with them about 3believe. It has totally changed my Life…I Feel so Great, I am so much Healthier, My muscle mass has increased, my hydration has increased and I have been losing pure fat. Most diets you lose a lot of muscle mass and water. My energy has sky rocketed and I look 10 years younger! I feel like I have and Amazing and Life Changing secret to share and that I would be doing people a disservice Not to share it with them.
An additional benefit that was completely unexpected but a very nice surprise….Is that I actually SAVE over 200 dollars a month on food and I am eating So much Healthier! What a great Bonus! Eat Healthy, Feel Great, and Save Money…and because I have shared 3Believe with others I have already made money! What a Powerful Combination!!!
I cannot express how Happy I am that a good friend shared this Protocol (3believe) with me. The Impact that 3believe has had on my life goes far beyond being Healthier, Feeling Better and looking Better…It flows into and Improves EVERY AREA of your LIFE….Work, Relationships, Spirituality, Social Life, Physical Activity….Everything. It is amazing how interconnected everything is. Once again, doing this Protocol has Completely changed my Life across the Board in A Big Way!!! So glad I made the decision to Do It!!!

-Ken Thompson, Salt Lake City, Utah

Hello Jason and the 3Believe family!

Here is my success story after being on the 3believe program for 45 days.
The main reason I started on this program was I wanted to improve my health. I knew that my nutrition was nowhere near where I wanted it to be and I was looking for a highly nutritious whole food based program that could help me reach my health and weight loss goals. I now know that I found it with the 3believe program. I’m also an entrepreneur, so I appreciate that there is a way for me to share this with people I care about in order to improve their health and financial situation too.
Financially the program was a little tough at first. I compare it to doing 2/3 of your entire months shopping in one go! So there is a larger than normal dollar amount to outlay initially. But once I made that commitment and got started, I found that I began to save money. At less than four dollars per meal replacement shake, this program is incredibly affordable. And with the equivalent of 32 pounds of nutrition in each shake, plus the organic plant-based omega 3 6 9 oils, I can’t find a better program anywhere.
I started the program in February 2017 and these are my results from April 2017 after 45 days. (I did a second blood test to see how my numbers had changed:
Glucose down from 133.8 to 94.2
Cholesterol down from 203.0 to 168.1
Triglycerides down from 171.6 to 154.2
HDL-C down from 53.2 to 38.0
LDL-Direct down from 138.1 to 104.8
Weight down from 232.6 to 216.2
BMI down from 34.3 to 31.9
Fat % down from 37.3 to 36.3
Muscle % up from 28.0 to 29.3
Estimated age down from 76 to 70
Visceral fat % down from 19 to 17
Total inches from the 6 body torso measurements down 9 1/2 inches.
Apart from the above statistics, the way I feel has changed markedly. I now have great energy the entire day, whereas before I would have energy dips during the day. My mental clarity and focus has improved tremendously and as a result I’m more efficient at work and can get more done. The quality of my sleep has improved. What I am eating is changed, and I’ll gladly eat salads and vegetables which I carefully avoided before:-) sugar was a big problem for me before, but not anymore. I now want to move my body around, which is great, because I never wanted to exercise much before the program, so that is another great improvement!
Jason, thank you so much for insisting that we obtain a body measurement scale and do the blood test at the start of the program. But doing this we have the conclusive evidence of what this nutritional program does for one’s body.
Thank you so very much for creating, and then making this wonderful program available for all of us Jason, what you do is so very appreciated. More than words can express! 🙂

-Warm regards, Nic Wozniak