SmartRatio™ Products


In addition to our revolutionary “most nutritionally dense
Meal Replacement Shake” in the world, and science-proven
diet plan, we offer low-carb, fat-free, protein-rich, keto-friendly
SmartRatio™ Foods to make your personal health journey
more successful and deliciously easier!

Your Favorite Foods Now Fat-Free & Low-Carb

Drooling is Allowed!

You Want Health?
#1 Eat Healthy Food
#2 Your Macros Must Be Balanced

“Not only did I break out of a plateau in my weight loss, but I did it eating tortilla chips and guacamole. Dude, tortilla chips. That’s all you need to know! I have never been so pleased with a product! I absolutely love the flour. The baked goods I’ve made in the last week are out of this world. The burger buns and tortillas are to die for… worth every penny.”


Getting balanced can be a challenge. So we made balanced foods for YOU.

Because Normal Healthy Food Isn’t Enough

No matter your age, if you’re male or female, it doesn’t matter what diet you follow—even if you’re a professional athlete or a weekend warrior—at the center of your program is food, and we have you covered.

  • It HAS to taste fantastic. Because good isn't good enough.
  • The proper balance of fats, protein and carbs must be at the center of your diet to put your body on the right track. We call it the FPC Ratio.
  • It must be simple—no weighing food, counting calories or hours preparing meals.
  • Affordable—3Believe fits any budget.

NEW to 2021: Enjoying a keto-approved, fat-free muffin that you love more than Grandma’s recipe.

With 3Believe SmartRatio™ foods you don’t have to count calories or sacrifice the foods you really want to eat, all because you're watching your waistline or your health.

Our SmartRatio™ products have 85%* less calories with zero fat and very low carbs, and they are all-natural!

The proof is in your blood

Our SmartRatio™ food gives you the power to maintain or increase your ketone levels. You can see from the graph how ketone levels and 3Believe SmartRatio™ products are partners in making sure you benefit from everything that ketones have to offer.

The next time you eat a food check your ketone levels and you will discover how your insulin responds. Our SmartRatio™ food can help maintain effective ketone levels and low insulin.

What is Digestibility Corrected?

3Believe uses all-natural plant-based ingredients in our SmartRatio™
products that function as carb-inhibitors and fat-blockers so that the
body simply does not absorb the carbs and fats. “Digestibility
Corrected” measures how much the body may digest of
carbohydrates or fats.

The FDA adopted this term into the Code of Federal Regulations in
1993. Labels with this symbol indicate that not all carbs and fats may
be digested. The bottom line is: if the body can’t digest it and deliver
it to the cells (because of the carb-inhibitors and fat-blockers) it is of
no use to the human body and is eliminated through waste.


3Believe Offers a Sustainable Healthy Lifestyle

We all want to eat healthier. Sometimes it’s easier to eat healthy—and sometimes it can feel downright impossible. We all face moments when we just want to enjoy delicious comfort foods.

Your Body Doesn’t Hate You

Whether it’s a meal or a snack that we reach for—if it doesn’t have the correct FPC balance (see below)—your body has no other option than to respond based on the amount of carbs, fat and protein contained in your food choices. Healthy supplements, exercise or good intentions won’t be able to undo the insulin-promoting food choices.

3Believe SmartRatio™ Products CAN and WILL Help

It’s kind of like you have two different appetites. You have an appetite for flavor, texture and just the right food to make your taste buds jump for joy, and you have a cellular appetite. Your body doesn’t care about taste. It spends all its time trying to create the right chemistry needed to use building blocks to ensure your good health. But your body can’t create something out of nothing… it needs the correct FPC Ratio. With 3Believe SmartRatio™ Foods you get both flavor and the right chemistry.

We have foods that make healthy eating easier and delicious. We have functional ingredients you can use to turn any family recipe into the perfect health meal. For example; make it a fat-free or low carb. We have a science-based dietary meal program* fortified with the foods to help you overcome chronic disease.

*Based on over 600 clinical studies

The two reasons why 3Believe can help you achieve your goals faster.

1. Dietary eating program based on proven science and validated by the latest research.
“Every chronic disease starts in our gut… from the foods we do OR don’t eat…”

2. Delicious, functional foods with the right balance of fats, proteins & carbs in each meal.
“…I would eat [SmartRatio Foods] regardless if I was on a diet… it’s better than homemade!”

You’re always on a DIET.

The food you choose to eat “IS” your diet,regardless if you are:
1- losing
2- gaining or
3- maintaining your weight.

3Believe SmartRatio™ Products are part of the

What is the 3Believe
Eating Lifestyle?

It is eating with a mindful focus on the ratio of your Fats, Protein and Carbohydrates (FPC Ratio).

The Solution = foods eaten in
the RIGHT FPC Ratio



*Based on a 2,000-calorie diet

Our philosophy is: “Eat what you want*—
just balance your FPC Ratio.”

*All-natural foods recommended


Hours in the gym or miles of running won’t overcome a macro-eating imbalance in your FPC Ratio. Exercise is important but working out can’t outrun an unhealthy diet.

FPC Ratio controls the master hormones, which in turn control your level of health.

The ratio of Fat, Protein, and Carbs you choose to eat triggers vital hormones that regulate and manage your chronic health Issues, such as insulin resistance, and will literally determine your level of health for the rest of your life. The only way to control these powerful hormones is to control the ratio of fat, protein and carbs (FPC Ratio).

Change Your FPC Ratio. Change Your Health!

Calories Don’t Matter

Each macronutrient can be a part of a healthy diet, but too much of a good thing can harm you, and the biggest danger isn't what you probably think.

It's definitely not how many calories you're eating. Truth is, just about any food can fit into a healthy lifestyle. The research is proving that it all comes down to your food choice fitting into the right FPC Ratio.

We Make it Easy!

No matter your age, if you’re male or female, it doesn’t matter what diet you follow—even if you’re a professional athlete or a weekend warrior—at the center of your program is food, and we have you covered.

3Believe gives you 3 easy control categories that give you the power to control what you WANT and what your body NEEDS.

How The 3Believe Control System Is Your Solution:


All of us want expert advice of what is best to eat to achieve the body and health that we want. 3Believe’s CMR is ready to meet your needs for lowering your Insulin levels with controlling your carbs to less than 20 grams a day. Designed for the person that wants to tackle their chronic Issues fast and make the 3Believe eating plan your last diet.

The latest research is formulated into a Phase 1-4 personalized eating plan, eliminating the guesswork of what you should be doing. Complete with ProOmega Oil 3-6-9 + Liver Detox, 3Believe Hydrate Electrolyte Enhancer, and 3Believe SmartExtracts for that fun and healthy kick of flavor in your CMR!

3Believe SmartRatio™ Products

Our SmartRatio™ product line makes it deliciously easy to stay on course when you want a snack or don’t feel like cooking, with our ready-to-eat foods that are Smart enough to be Fat, Protein, and Carb (FPC) ratio-balanced, but still clever enough to taste like you expect... delicious!

Do it Yourself

Control At Home: Low Carb Flours / Zero Calorie Sweetener
You have your favorite family recipes that you make at home. Often those favorites do not fit into the perfect FPC ratio. With FPC Control III they now can. We have specially formulated kitchen ingredients that give you the power to control the amount of carbs and fats that your body will absorb. Never before, have you had the power to control the FPC Ratio of your favorite recipes.