Food – We All Eat It

Is Your Food Killing You OR Healing You?

Food is an absolute necessity to life, and we love eating our foods. All foods can be grouped into three macro-nutrient categories; Fat, Proteins, Carbohydratesand we call that your “FPC Ratio”.

Each macro-nutrient is healthy, But too much of a good thing can harm you, and the biggest danger isn’t what you probably think. It’s definitely not what you have been taught. Truth is, there are no bad foods. BUT there is a bad FPC Ratio… and it can kill you.

Here’s What We Do Know

In the last 100 years scientists have learned a lot about health, nutrition and what makes us sick or healthy. Considering that scientists didn’t start believing that vitamins and minerals were important until 1917, we have come a long way.


There have been well over 100,000 studies performed to find the fountain of youth and how to be healthy. And how to stop becoming sick.

News Headlines

Here is the most current news coming out of the laboratory. Follow any diet you want to have a healthy life… but watch the FPC Ratios.

Most people recognize the benefits that a high vegetable diet can provide. But if the FPC Ratio isn’t balanced right, it could be as unhealthy as if you ate nothing but deep dried foods.

Predicting Your Future Health

Do you want to know how healthy you’re going to be ten years in the future? You will
find the answers by understaning what your curent FPC Ratio is today. The total amount of calories your eating isn’t as important as where those calories are coming from. How many are coming from Fat, Proteins, and Carbohydrates? Knowing that will tell you where your FPC Ratio is at. The answer will reveal if you’re going to be healthy in the future.

You Are The FPC Ratio That You’re Eating!

Change Your FPC Ratio – Change Your Health

The U.S. Health Department doesn’t endorse any particular diet. But they do caution us about following this one:

The CDC knows what we are eating and knows how it is effecting our health.


They have researched what is making Americans sick and what is killing us. And have matched the Fat, Protein, Carbohydrate Ratio of the average American diet to the FPC Ratio shown in the graph above.


The CDC reports that 79% of Americans are overweight. 85% over the age of 65 have a Chronic Disease.


Chronic Disease isn’t just an ailment the elderly need to be concerned about. 38 is the average age in America. And most have at least 1 Chronic Condition.

Eat what satisfies you and makes you feel the best, just make sure that your FPC Ratios are not the average American’s diet… or you will get the average American’s level of health, which is the opposite of good health. 7 out of 10 Americans take at least one medication.

What FPC Ratios Should Be

What is your Magic FPC Ratio?
Follow This Guide

Because Over 20,000 Studies Told You To
Fats:53-75% from omega fat
Proteins:19-27% with lower amount from animal meat
Carbs:12-22% with less than 5-8% of that coming from sugars of any kind

Change Your FPC Ratio – Change Your Health

Keto diet, Vegan, High Fat… regardless of what diet you follow match your FPC Ratios to these latest findings and you’re assured good health.

The 3Believe


Start Balancing Your FPC Ratio.

Your Life Depends On It.


When the your FPC Ratio is out of balance, your body chemistry changes and bad things can start to happen.


Like … weight gain, elevated glucose levels and type II diabetes. Even your blood pressure and cholesterol levels are affected by your FPC Ratio.

Your Secret Weapon Against Chronic Illness

We have created macro-nutrient FPC Ratio balancing tools to give your body the perfect chemistry it needs for a life time of health.


By using our 3B Hybrid Ratio Control (HRC) products and you can control the amount of fat, protein, and carbs that your body absorbs from your favorite foods.

How Your 3B Solutions Work For You
Our philosophy, “Food is a tool, Eat the foods you AND your body loves to achieve ultimate health”… even if it’s chocolate cake.


Our 3B HRC products allow you to eat all your favorite foods without absorbing all of the calories from that food. Literally, you can “have your cake and eat it too”.


There are three 3B categories to give you the power you need.
3B HRC Ratio Control I – is ready-to-eat foods for you to enjoy.
HRC Ratio Control II – is our functional ingredients for making meals at home and
HRC Control III – are capsules for when you’re on the run and eating away from home but still want to control the HRC Ratio of the foods you’re eating.

3B Hybrid HRC Ratio Control I

Hybrid Secret I – Ready To Eat Foods

You can buy our ready-to-eat foods that are Smart enough to be Fat, Protein, Carb (FPC) Ratio Balanced (and low calorie) and clever enough to taste like you expect… delicious! Here are some examples:

3B Hybrid HRC Ratio Control II


We have created the Hybrid HRC Ratio Control Ingredients for home. We have flours (wheat AND gluten free), ZERO calorie natural sweetener, protein boosters and omega fats that you can use to make your own favorite foods right in your own kitchen. All designed to give you the power to create perfectly FPC Ratio balanced foods.


Do you have a special family recipe but it’s loaded with fats and carbs or too little protein? Use the 3B FPC Ratio Control and you can control how much carbs and fats your body needs to absorb, without affecting the taste. Giving you the power to create the perfect FPC Ratio.

3B Hybrid HRC Ratio Control III


Sometimes you need to control the FPC Ratio of foods when your away from home eating at your favorite restaurant. Our 3B+ capsules is the perfect answer.


Using 3B+ capsules, you can enjoy your heavy carb, high fat favorites without absorbing all the calories. It’s kinda-like a seat belt for food safety while maintain the perfect FPC Ratio Balance.

The Science Of How Our

3B HRC Ratio Control Works

Nature has been inhibiting (slowing down digestion) and blocking (stopping digestion) of carbohydrates and fats since life began. For example, fiber is the most popular inhibitor. It slows down digestion of carbs and fats naturally.


You have the power to Inhibit carbs and block fats in any meal or treat.


Drugs Aren’t The Answer


Doctors have been using drugs to inhibit and block carb and fat absorption for decades. For example:


Commonly prescribed types of carbohydrate inhibitors are:

Acarbose (Precose)

Miglitol (Glyset)



These are the most commonly prescribed types of drugs that block fats are:





Natural Is Better


Taking pharmaceutical drugs carries its own risks. If it’s not natural – it is unacceptable to 3Believe. So we created a 100% ALL NATURAL alternative. With zero negative side-effects.



Need the Science To Prove It – How about 8 peer reviewed clinical studies? They confirmed the effectiveness and safety of our HRC Ratio Control all natural products. Our formula is safe for long term use. With no side-effects.

“Just Like Fiber”

Clinical Studies (download)

What’s Your Diet?
We Have You

And we don’t all follow the same diet
Regardless what diet you follow, 3B Hybrid HRC Ratio Control is for you. If you eat a vegetarian, high protein, or low fat diet or literally any kind of diet, 3B HRC Ratio Control is a MUST if you want ultimate health.


Remember,the latest studies have warned us about what FPC Ratio NOT to eat, and have indicated Macro-Nutrient FPC Ratios that we need to eat if good health is the goal.


You have no limitations –you can control your protein and fat levels while limiting your carbs and fat level to exactly where you want them.

Haven’t Decided Which Diet Is Right For You?

We can help there too. We advise medical doctors across the county about which food diet programs are the most successful. Our programs have served tens of thousands of people that want a natural solution for achieving superior health.



Ratio Hacking


Case Study: Inhibiting Carbohydrates
What You Can Do With 3B HRC Ratio Control

A single slice of a 16” pizza has 740 calories. This slice has 47% of the calories coming from fat (47% fat FPC Ratio). It has a protein FPC Ratio of 20%. And a 31% Carb FPC Ratio.


When you use the 3B Carb Inhibitor it will reduce the total calories by 200. Dropping the carb FPC Ratio to 6%. In this example the 3B Carb Inhibitor can transformed your pizza or any food to a low carb, keto approved meal.


3B FPC Ratio Control



3B FPC Ratio Control


You could take a pizza or any food and transform it into a fat free meal without changing the taste.

Case Study

Blocking Fat – Cutting Carbs – Boosting Protein

It can be a challenge to get kids to eat healthy. Nearly 33% of children are overweight or obese. Studies prove that the FPC Ratio of where their calories are coming from is to blame.


Now, you can give your children what they want and still feed them what they need, with just a simple add of 3B magic.


A peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a childhood favorite has 376 calories. By adding our 3B Protein Booster you bring the protein from 12 grams to 25 grams or any amount you desire.


By using the 3B Carb Inhibitor you lower the carbs from 43% to 25%. 3B helps you effectively change the FPC Ratio of an imbalanced meal into a healthier one.


3B FPC Ratio Control



3B FPC Ratio Control


Now you can give them what they want, while you can rest assure they are getting what they need.