How 3B Hybrid HRC Ratio Control
Fits Your Diet Program

Keto/Ketogenic Diets:

Low carb and keto diets are all the rage.
Made popular by Hollywood actors as the go to method to shed weight fast. And advocates from every group, i.e.: athletes and sport enthusiasts, weight loss, general health, medical doctors and the list goes on.


Regardless of what keto diet you follow, satisfying your needs for a variety of food in your meals can be a huge challenge. The facts are, it doesn’t take very many carbs (>20 grams/day) to ruin your keto diet plans. But since carbs are so tasty is can be tough to say no to carbs and still stay in ketosis.


When you use the 3B Hybrid HRC Ratio Control products you can turn any meal or snack into a keto approved low carb, low fat, low calorie or high protein… treat. Using our Keto Hybrid Secrets you can enjoy about 3 times more carbs and still stay in the “keto fat burning” zone.

Vegetarian/Vegan Diet:


If you have adopted a meat-free diet, controlling the balance of carbohydrates to the FPC Ratio of proteins and fat can be a challenge. Use any of the 3B Hybrid HRC Ratio Control products and you will have the edge you have been looking for. For Example: Here is a yummy Vegan/Vegetarian meal. It has 305 calories. Roasted Veggies & Tempeh Bowl.

12% of those calories come from fat. 20% come from protein and 60% come from carbohydrates. With 10 grams of fiber. Most people would consider this meal is the perfect healthy meal. But health experts would tell you that 60% of the calories coming from carbs is too high.


By using the 3B Hybrid HRC Ratio Control system you could lower the carb percentage to 12%. Increase the protein FPC Ratio to 48% and fat to 40%. Or you can simply purchase our vegetarian SmartFoods that has already been prepared for you.

Many health experts are concerned that those following a vegan or vegetarian diet gets too little protein and healthy fats daily. This is a perfect example of how 3B Hybrid HRC Ratio Control products can get your balance back to where it needs to be. Without changing your choices of food.

Protein Diet (Meat Eaters):

Sometimes you may want to move from a moderate to a high protein diet. One of the best ways to increase your protein FPC Ratio is lower the other the caloric FPC Ratios of the other two macro-nutrients (carbs and fat).


Eating a high protein diet doesn’t mean you have to limit your foods to just protein! Finally, with 3B Hybrid HRC Ratio Control tools you can have a variety and still be getting a healthy protein FPC Ratio. Look how you can control the carbohydrate FPC Ratio when you want to change your protein FPC Ratio.


In this Herbed Tilapia, Brown Rice and Brussels Sprouts meal, the protein FPC Ratio would be 28% and the carb FPC Ratio topping 45%. The protein is too low and carbs are too high to be a high protein meal.

Add the 3B Carb Inhibitor on your food and change the protein to 44% and drop the carbs to a 16% FPC Ratio. If you need even more protein, add our taste free, 3B Protein booster to increase the protein to whatever level you need.


Feel the power that you now have at your disposal – you don’t have to eat more food than you feel comfortable with just to increase your protein or fat FPC Ratio.
You can move the FPC Ratio of carbs, fat and protein to the perfect match for your diet.


The choice is now yours without having to eliminate food options from your diet.
Our 3Believe Hybrid HRC Ratio Control products offer delicious foods and meals with the perfect balance of FPC Ratio. With no hassle of preparation or clean up!

Fat Diet – (No fat to High Fat):

Low fat diets are still popular. Eating a high omega fat diet has gained a lot of popularity among active and sports enthusiasts. Using the 3B Hybrid HRC Ratio Control products you can turn this fried chicken into a fat-free meal or leave it a high fat meal, what’s your personal diet calling for?

Fat Free Solution – This Fried Chicken, Mashed Potatoes with Gravy and cooked Carrots sits at 740 calories. With 39% of the calories coming from Fat. Total carbs come in at 42% with Protein maxing out with 18%. If you only used the 3B Carb Inhibitor total calories would drop to 488. Look how the other FPC Ratios have changed. Fat bumps to 59%, Carbs down to 12% and Protein jumps to 29%.


What if you want make this meal a fat free fried chicken and low carb? Just use both the 3B Hybrid Fat Blocker and the Carb Inhibitor cooking ingredients.


Check out how easy customizing your FPC Ratios can be.

Zero Fat & Low Carb Fried


Chicken Dinner –
Total calories plummet to 200. Fat FPC Ratio is 0%. Protein sits at 68% with Carbs at 32% and half of those are fiber.


3Believe Hybrid FPC Ratio Control products enable you to be your own Food Scientist moving the FPC Ratios to where you want them. However you decide to control your FPC Ratios, using the 3Believe Hybrid FPC Ratio Control products empowers you to dial in exactly what kind of fats you consume and how much. How’s that for Personalized Nutrition!


Having our 3Believe Hybrid HRC Ratio Control products in your home will become your most powerful “health” tool. Giving you option of eating a variety of foods that may be too high in carbs or fats or not having the level of protein that you are looking for.


For the first time, you can personalize your own diet by controlling the levels macro-nutrient in each meal to be the exact levels that you need. Macro-Nutrient FPC Ratio Balancing is finally here, just in time.

You’re not human!

You’re Not Human

It sounds shocking that you may not be 100% YOU. So what are you?
The latest coming out of the science department is we are 90% non-human.

We have 100 trillion bacteria cells in and on our bodies.
That is a good thing and we have always had these bacteria companions.
However, our ancestors had different bacteria and were stronger than ours are today. Learn how to strengthen YOURS.

These bacteria called Microbiome are the teachers and they educate your immune system on how to defeat the viruses, foreign invaders and unhealthy bacteria.

Approximately 80% of how strong your immune system is depends on the strength of your gut bacteria (microbiome). The profile of your microbiome is more unique than your fingerprint. But if you don’t have enough or the specific bacteria that knows how to fight a viruses or disease your immune system can’t learn how to defeat it.

Learn How To Get The “Gut Teachers ” You Need

ALL Chronic Disease Begins in Your Gut

We are all faced with the chance of accidents and DNA dysfunction. But we are learning that Chronic Disease is a lifestyle choice. Chronic Disease is to blame for 3 out of 4 deaths.

There isn’t a lot we can do about DNA mutations and accidents that surprise us. But reports coming out of the laboratory tell us that we have the choice whether we have a chronic illness or not. Chronic illnesses like: heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes and even depression can be a choice.

Microbiome testing can give you the Secret Weapon needed to avoid the hazards of living with a chronic disease.

Health experts are finding that biome density and the type of bacteria that we have in our gut literally decides if you will or won’t have a chronic disease.

Good Bacteria vs. Deadly Bacteria

Only about 5% of our microbiome (bacteria) in our gut are the bad guys. Unfortunately it doesn’t take very much of these bad bacteria to do us harm and make us sick.

Surprisingly, it isn’t impossible to make your gut healthy IF you have the right kind of bacteria. You just need to know what kind you have so you can build a strong defense. Identifying the problem is the key, testing is the ONLY way to know what bacteria you have and which ones you need.

Personalized Nutrition

The internet is bulging with recommendations of the perfect diet. The reality is that we are all different and nothing is more unique than our gut bacteria.

Since all chronic disease starts in the gut, it makes sense that we start there to obtain perfect health. Our microbiome bacteria requires certain foods to give us the results that we are looking for. A diet that works for one person won’t work for everyone. Do you know YOUR perfect diet? We can find out for you through the GUT TEST.

Because your microbiome is different from anyone else in the world, the only way to learn what your cells are wanting and your recipe for ultimate performance is to learn what kind of bacteria you have inside of you. Then you can build up the good guys and push out the bad.