The Tools

We’ll provide you with tools such as
the CMR Protocol & SmartRatio™
Foods to help you overcome chronic
issues and achieve better health.

3Believe’s science-proven diet program and our low-carb, low calorie, fat-free SmartRatio™
Foods are your primary tools for better health. But the right knowledge and good
habits are also powerful tools in your fight against chronic disease.

The 3Believe Eating Lifestyle™, the FPC Ratio™ and understanding the proper roles of
ketones and insulin are “knowledge tools” to help you achieve your goals faster, but are
also guides for a lifetime of healthy living.

The two reasons why 3Believe can help you
achieve your goals faster.

Dietary eating program based in
proven science and validated by popular opinion

Delicious, functional foods with the right
balance of fats, proteins & carbs in each meal

“Every chronic disease starts in our gut… from
the foods we do OR don’t eat…”
“…I would eat [SmartFoods] regardless if I
was on a diet… it’s better than homemade!”

You’re going to eat food anyway in your daily diet.
Why not eat the foods that are good for you?

What do YOU need?

I Need Low-Carb, Fat-Free Foods


I Need a Science-Proven Diet Plan


3Believe Learning Center

Good decisions are based on factual knowledge. The 3Believe Learning Center is full of FREE content, because we want you to be educated about your health!

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3Believe SmartRatio™ Products are part of the

What is the 3Believe
Eating Lifestyle?

It is eating with a mindful focus on the ratio of your Fats, Protein and Carbohydrates (FPC Ratio).

The Solution = foods eaten in
the RIGHT FPC Ratio



*Based on a 2,000-calorie diet

Our philosophy is: “Eat what you want*—
just balance your FPC Ratio.”

*All-natural foods recommended

We now know that chronic disease
is caused by the foods eaten in the
wrong FPC Ratio.


Hours in the gym or miles of running won’t overcome a macro-eating imbalance in your FPC Ratio. Exercise is important but working out can’t outrun an unhealthy diet.

FPC Ratio controls the master hormones, which in turn control your level of health.

The ratio of Fat, Protein, and Carbs you choose to eat triggers vital hormones that regulate and manage your chronic health Issues, such as insulin resistance, and will literally determine your level of health for the rest of your life. The only way to control these powerful hormones is to control the ratio of fat, protein and carbs (FPC Ratio).

Change Your FPC Ratio. Change Your Health!

Calories Don’t Matter

Each macronutrient can be a part of a healthy diet, but too much of a good thing can harm you, and the biggest danger isn't what you probably think.

It's definitely not how many calories you're eating. Truth is, just about any food can fit into a healthy lifestyle. The research is proving that it all comes down to your food choice fitting into the right FPC Ratio.

We Make it Easy!

No matter your age, if you’re male or female, it doesn’t matter what diet you follow—even if you’re a professional athlete or a weekend warrior—at the center of your program is food, and we have you covered.

3Believe gives you 3 easy control categories that give you the power to control what you WANT and what your body NEEDS.

How The 3Believe Control System Is Your Solution:


All of us want expert advice of what is best to eat to achieve the body and health that we want. 3Believe’s CMR is ready to meet your needs for lowering your Insulin levels with controlling your carbs to less than 20 grams a day. Designed for the person that wants to tackle their chronic Issues fast and make the 3Believe eating plan your last diet.

The latest research is formulated into a Phase 1-4 personalized eating plan, eliminating the guesswork of what you should be doing. Complete with ProOmega Oil 3-6-9 + Liver Detox, 3Believe Hydrate Electrolyte Enhancer, and 3Believe SmartExtracts for that fun and healthy kick of flavor in your CMR!

3Believe SmartRatio™ Products

Our SmartRatio™ product line makes it deliciously easy to stay on course when you want a snack or don’t feel like cooking, with our ready-to-eat foods that are Smart enough to be Fat, Protein, and Carb (FPC) ratio-balanced, but still clever enough to taste like you expect... delicious!

Do it Yourself

Control At Home: Low Carb Flours / Zero Calorie Sweetener
You have your favorite family recipes that you make at home. Often those favorites do not fit into the perfect FPC ratio. With FPC Control III they now can. We have specially formulated kitchen ingredients that give you the power to control the amount of carbs and fats that your body will absorb. Never before, have you had the power to control the FPC Ratio of your favorite recipes.

What is Digestibility Corrected?

3Believe uses all-natural plant-based ingredients in our SmartRatio™ products that function as carb-inhibitors and fat-blockers so that the body simply does not absorb the carbs and fats. “Digestibility Corrected” measures how much the body may digest of carbohydrates or fats.

The FDA adopted this term into the Code of Federal Regulations in 1993. Labels with this symbol indicate that not all carbs and fats may be digested. The bottom line is: if the body can’t digest it and deliver it to the cells (because of the carb-inhibitors and fat-blockers) it is of no use to the human body and is eliminated through waste.


Ketones vs. Insulin

Day & Night

It is a chemical reality that insulin and ketones are biological opposites. Kind of like night and day, when your ketones are high that means your insulin is low. That's because higher levels of insulin have the power to slow and stop ketone production in your body.

Low Glucose Can Fool You
Many people mistakenly think that if your glucose levels are low, so are your insulin levels. But they forget about the role that insulin resistance, hyperinsulinemia, carbohydrate intolerance and fat adaptation play in a glucose reading.

Why Do You Want Ketones?

As more and more research pours in, it shows that your body loves ketones and the health benefits from what is being called the 4th macronutrient.

The 3Believe Diet Program and SmartRatio™ Foods give you the power to keep your insulin levels low and keep your ketones high. You can see from this graph how ketone levels and 3Believe SmartRatio™ Foods are partners in making sure you benefit from everything that ketones have to offer.

Low Insulin Is The Goal

Forget Glucose — Measure Ketones
Unless you're a diabetic and not producing any insulin, you're always making some insulin even when your ketones are high. Even if you're not eating any carbs your liver is always making some glucose and you can still be in a high level of ketosis and be burning body fat.

More and more research is identifying that not everyone responds the same to glucose. Some are more sensitive, and others are less tolerant. Scientists identify these people as being carbohydrate-intolerant.

The Takeaway

The takeaway is: Follow a keto diet focused on your ketone levels instead of blood glucose levels because the glucose readings can mislead you, especially if you’re carbohydrate-intolerant or insulin-resistant.

Following the 3Believe Eating Lifestyle won't lead you astray and will keep your ketones high.