how 3Believe can help

Now that we understand “WHAT” the problem is, Metabolic Syndrome (MSx) and its symptoms, we’d like to show you “HOW” 3Believe can help you!

The 3Believe protocol is designed to help you deal with the root cause of MSx. Most programs don’t fix anything and therefore many dieters experience a “yo-yo” effect and find themselves in the same situation (or worse) within months of dieting. The reason this happens is simple: the real problem was never resolved. The 3Believe protocol is designed to fix the reason(s) why your body refuses to shed fat, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and normalize your blood sugar. 3Believe is scientifically proven to assist in changing the way your body works. It resets the pancreas, liver, and digestive system, thus allowing your body to shed fat, improve overall health, and experience increased energy and vitality.

To support this program, which is so effective in overcoming MSx, we have created an easy-to-follow 3-step program. The client is guided through the entire program by a personalized 3Believe approved Health Coach. Meeting weekly with their 3Believe coach, clients have their body fat percentage, scale weight, hydration levels, and muscle mass measured. Along with these biomarkers, clients will have their body measurements taken and receive one on one guided council through our proprietary emotional eating lessons, Intuitive Eating. The 3Believe protocol does have a beginning and an end, and we cover the program through the following three simple steps.

3Believe’s Three Step Program

Step 1

Reset the Broken Part

Step 2

3Believe SmartFoods™

Step 3

Intuitive Eating Lessons

Step 1: Reset the Broken Part
Phase 1 is called the Resetting Phase during which the Pancreas, Liver, and Digestive System are reset. These organs and systems need to be healthy in order to overcome MSx and to change the way the body works. Clinical trials show that the most dysfunctional pancreas can be reset in just 12 weeks.

Therefore, Phase 1 is a minimum of 12 weeks long. The client will shed most of the unwanted fat during this phase. Should the client have more fat to lose after the initial 12 weeks, they can choose to continue in Phase 1 until the desired amount of fat is shed. The client will consume 4 meals a day, three of which will be 3Believe’s proprietary Meal Replacement Shakes (MRP). The fourth will be a healthy and sensible meal choice as outlined in the 3Believe material.

Along with shedding fat, if the client has high cholesterol or blood pressure issues these will normalize also. Those who suffer from diabetes will benefit greatly from this phase, because their glucose levels may normalize, and they may be able to reduce their medications or quit them all together under a doctor’s supervision. All of this happens in this first phase.

Phase 2 is called the Corrective Phase. Over the course of 3 to 4 weeks, the client will start to ease into a regular, healthy lifestyle eating the right foods. During this phase the client will consume four meals a day, two of which will be 3Believe’s proprietary Meal Replacement Shakes (MRP). The other two meals will be healthy and sensible meal choices as outlined in the 3Believe material. Many clients find they don’t miss out on any of the foods they love, while they learn how all foods can be used in a healthy lifestyle.
Phase 3 is called the Rehabilitation Phase and is the most important phase of all.  If this transition isn’t completed, the body will have a tendency to return to its previous dysfunction(s).  We carefully guide our clients through this important phase.  Phase 3 also lasts 3-4 weeks.  During this phase, clients are still shedding the last of their unhealthy fat while consuming four meals a day.  

One meal will be 3Believe’s proprietary Meal Replacement Shakes (MRP) and the other three meals will be healthy and sensible meal choices as outlined in the 3Believe material.  Clients tend to feel better than they have in years and some report feeling even better than they have in their whole life.  Other noted benefits of Phase 3 are clearer thinking, improved mood, and overall wellness and vitality.

Phase 4 is called the Maintenance Phase. This phase is simply maintaining the great level of health clients now enjoy. It is recommended to consume one 3Believe Proprietary Meal Replacement a day and eat healthy and sensible meal choices for the other meals. It is simple, enjoyable, and the foods taste fantastic. Clients have a zest for life again and many find that it is easier than they ever thought possible!
Step 2: The Foods: 3Believe SmartFoods™

This step is so important! It doesn’t matter how great the program is, if your cravings are not satisfied and you can’t comply with the protocol, the program won’t work for you. The reason clients can stay on 3Believe Protocol long enough to correct the underlying problems is because of the SmartFoods.

3Believe has created real food containing special ingredients, which lower the calories by 75% without sacrificing taste! More importantly, the carbohydrates are low enough for the body to still correct the dysfunction(s) while eating them. Clients may enjoy the 3Believe SmartBread, 3Believe SmartMuffins, 3Believe SmartPizza, 3Believe SmartPot Pie, 3Believe SmartCookies (stats are below for the pop-ups) and more, during all phases of the program. The need to cheat to satisfy cravings is greatly reduced because the SmartFoods do the job. 3Believe offers the 3Believe SmartFoods line through ready-made foods, as well as through our proprietary 3Believe SmartFlour and 3Believe Smart&Sweet (our 100% ALL Natural Sweetener) for those who like to bake. All 3Believe SmartFoods are made with All Natural Ingredients, no preservatives, and fortified with active digestive enzymes for added digestive support

Step 3: Intuitive Eating Lessons

We have found that nearly everyone has some inappropriate relationship to food; meaning, they will eat some food(s) for no good reason. For example, some people only eat junk food when they go on a road trip. They say, “That’s just the thing you do when you travel.” We all seem to have some emotional trigger(s), whether it’s anger, happiness, loneliness or any emotion that causes you to eat. This is not healthy. To overcome this issue, each week the 3Believe health coach will give an Intuitive Eating lesson. These lessons really help the client understand “WHY” they eat the foods they do and “HOW” to resolve issues associated with emotional eating. It’s very simple, but effective.