Our Diet Can Save You $44.22 a Week!The beginning of our program is based on you eating 4 meals a day (Phase 1), you won’t be starving on our diet. Three of your four daily meals will come from our meal replacement foods, costing just $10.71* for all three! One meal will be your own prepared meal. You can see why you will save money while trying to reclaim your health. *Phase 1 (3CMR shakes a day and 1 self-prepared meal). Its pays to be healthy.

How the WiO Protocol Can Work for You? Your 3Believe program deals with the “WHY”. Why do you gain weight, instead of temporary “eat less” diet program. The program focuses on repairing how the body is metabolizing insulin, glucose, fatty acids and the foods you’re eating.

Fix the Pancreases, Liver & Digestion and Life is GOOD. In a nut shell our program reboots your pancreas so it is producing the correct amount of insulin. Your liver so it is fat adapted and efficient in burning your stored body fats. And boosting your digestive system with the most complex formula of digestive enzymes and pro-biotics your body has ever experienced.

Not a Fat Free Diet.After blocking fats that are harming you, we give you back the perfect balance of plant-based omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids. This perfect balance of omegas does so many beneficial things in your body, one of which is increase your burning of body fat.

Cellular Absorption is Key.We give you a protein formula that has been clinically proven to be metabolized at 98% That means your cells will actually will receive the protein that you’re consuming. Our protein is the highest quality whey blend. Renowned for its purity, high amino acid profile, with no hormone or pesticide presences.

All food items are 100% all natural:
• No trans fats
• No high fructose corn syrup
• No sugars or artificial sweeteners
• No monosodium glutamate (MSG)
• No Genetically-Modified Organisms (GMOs).
• No lactose added
• No soy
• Many of our foods are gluten free

Education For Life-Long Success. Our program works so well because it deals with what the cause is and not a band-aid where the problems only return after you stop a fad diet. Our program is very simple”
• You eat 4 macro-balanced meals a day and even get to enjoy some of the best snacks you have ever had, we call SmartFoods.
• We will provide you with weekly sessions of science based
education that will give you the latest in health and nutrition.

A Complete Wellness Protocol. You should know that the 3Believe diet is so much more than a weight loss solution. It was actually designed to be a complete wellness protocol and it has revolutionized how to regain your youth, feel better, eliminate medications and yes, even shed unwanted pounds. Weight loss is just one of the many problems that can be solved by eating our balance of whole foods.

Training: Videos, Videos and More Videos. When you join our food revolution, you will have access to the most comprehensive training videos on how to reboot your body and reclaim your health.

The secret is treating the cause of Metabolic Syndrome. Not counting calories—balancing insulin is the answer.Research has explained why we are over weight, the reason we don’t feel like we did when we were younger and why it seems like our bodies are breaking down or falling apart.

Eat Your Way To Health.The findings might shock you, at the very least the solution will please you. Science has answered why your body is in the shape that it is in right now. We opened our mouths and quite literally ate our way to our current level of health, and it wasn’t because you ate too much. What was found as the reason is great news is because these studies also discovered that the solution, gratefully, is the same as the cause. We have eaten our way to our current health and we can eat our way back out of it. he trick is something called Macro-Balancing.

Macro-Balancing:All you have to do is balance the macro-nutrients that we eat to the right ratio and our reward will be the body you want and deserve. Macro- Balancing sounds more complex than it really is. Protein, carbohydrates, and fats are macro-nutrients.

All you have to do is get the right amount of macro-nutrients and most of the ailments that you suffer from simply disappear. You will be glad to know that we have balanced the macros for you. You don’t have to count any calories, weigh your food, spend hours looking for strange food replacements or in preparation of your meal.

If you are overweight, have a slow metabolism or high blood pressure your body is signaling you that it’s making too much insulin. High insulin levels cause the body to make all these issue
and others, even worse.

Turn On The Switch.For example, insulin will turn OFF the fat burning mechanism and turning ON the fat storage switch. The longer your body is in high production of insulin, the less effective this hormone is on your cells. As this happens, your body has to produce more insulin to keep glucose levels lower. This excess insulin forces your body to store even more of the foods you eat as belly fat.

When managing the symptoms of metabolic syndrome. It’s true that controlling insulin levels is the first step, but there are other key metabolic factors that need to be corrected as well.

Upset Tummies.Digestive Disorders are the #1 health complaint. Studies show that toxins in our GI (Gastrointestinal) tract may contribute to as much as 90% of all chronic illnesses. A recent U. S. study revealed that the average American’s digestive quality is only 47%. That means your likely absorbing less than half of the nutrients you’re eating.

You’re Eating More Because You’re Not Absorbing.This is one of the main reasons that your meal portions have likely grown over the years. Digestive enzymes and pro-biotics are essential to your cells getting the nutrients that are in the foods you are eating. Without them, you can’t digest the proteins, fats and carbohydrates your body uses for energy and to build new cells.

If you have a weakened digestive flora, you won’t get everything you need out of the foods. Our protocol will boost digestive health back to where you are digesting 98% of the foods you are eating, solving issues such as:

• Gas
• Bloating
• Diarrhea
• Indigestion
• Reflux
• Heartburn and other digestive disorders

Most Die in your Stomach.Studies show that more than 70% of our FDA approved pro-biotic survives your stomach acid and delivers hundreds of millions of “good” bacteria to your active cells for solving the digestive equation to health.

These enzymes are vital in insuring you are getting the proper amount of proteins. Too much protein and your liver and kidneys are over stressed, too little and you will suffer from low energy and lose muscle mass. Neither problem is experienced on this program.

Everyone realizes that they need vitamins and minerals to be healthy, but most people don’t know that in order to lose fat most effciently it is a must. You have read that the fruits and vegetables of today are not the same as they were in the previous century, they are often nutrient-depressed.
Nutrient Empty. A recent study discovered that it takes 35 commercially produced carrots today to match the nutritional value of just 1 carrot grown in 1935! If you are in a high insulin producing diet and start taking a full spectrum of vitamin and minerals, you won’t suddenly start losing unwanted fat.
Lowering Stress. However, vitamins and minerals do play an important part in healing your body to be more effective in burning body fat. Getting a good healthy dose of these macro-nutrients is also beneficial in many other ways.

Recent studies have shown that our bodies are better equipped to handle the stresses of life, both physical and mental stressors,when we are receiving a proper amount of vitamins and minerals.Issues such as; adult ADHD, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder,etc. Are common issues reduced or relieved through this protocol.

32 lbs. of Nutrients in ONE Shake. We’ve calculated you would have to eat 32 pounds of food and spend just over $100.00 to get the same nutritional value from just one of our meal replacement shakes. We formulated our meal replacement shakes with micro-nutrients
(vitamins & minerals) because taking pills are not a person’s favorite thing to do and is often forgotten.

If you’re trying to lose body fat why in the world would adding Omega fats to your diet be a good idea? Studies have shown that Omega 3 can turn of the “fat- making” gene, and turn on the “fat-burning” gene, but only if carbohydrate intake has been reduced drastically and insulin levels are low.

Too Much Of a Good Thing. Omega-3 and Omega-6 are Essential Fatty Acids (EFA) and the body needs them to function properly. You may have heard some negative news about Omega-6 and that we get too much of it, which is contributing to the obesity problem in America. It is true that in North America most people are Omega-3 deficient and most people get up to 23 times more Omega 6 than they should.

Pure Omega 6 is Healthy. Most the problems blamed on Omega-6 is directly related to the damage done to them through processing when being manufactured. Omega-6, undamaged and balanced by the right amount of Omega-3 is not a health problem, and your body even requires it.

Our formula fixes this problem by increasing the amount of Omega 3 to Omega 6 by 2.5 times. What makes our formula special:
• Derived from organically grown plants
• Optimum balance of omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids, and
Omega 9
• Free of pesticides
• PCBs
• Preservatives and dioxins
• Unrefined and not damaged in processing in any way
• Only oil blend with proven liver cleansing properties

Sweeteners are another consideration. Many producers of health products spoil their formulations with cheap, insulin producing or harmful sweeteners. Some artificial sweeteners like Acesulfame
Potassium have no calories but still fool the pancreas into thinking
that there is glucose in the blood stream which forces your body to
produce insulin.

More Than Just Sweet. Our sweeteners are not only natural but provide additional health benefits. We use Oligosaccharides, which provide fiber and pre-biotic factors to strengthen your good digestive bacteria in the intestinal tract.

We complete the triad of our sweetener with d-tagatose, a zero calorie naturally occurring sweetener found in some fruits and whey. A hint of Stevia is added for a pleasant solution for your sweet tooth without any negative side effects.

The Most Complete Formula. Our formula has over 150 ingredients to produce the most complex meal replacement available. There are other ingredients we will go over later, feel confident that each ingredient is added for a specific biological effect all backed by clinical research.

What You Can Expect. Weight loss is a natural result when insulin levels are controlled and normalized. You can expect:
• Energy levels will increase
• Digestion will improve
• If blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure is elevated they
will normalize over the coming few weeks
• Mood and cognitive values will improve
• Pain caused by inflammation will decrease if not completely
• Fast fat loss without sacrificing muscle mass, hydration and
• Improved appetite control with reduced cravings
• Mild body cleanse of toxins and stored “body sludge”

Like most things in life, to get the results you desire you will have to follow the diet plan. It’s true that your level of compliance will translate to your level of success.

1,2,3 Succeed. Follow the program a little, and you will still see and feel results. Follow the program precisely, and you will see fantastic results. In order to fix the issues you want to resolve, we recommend you take to heart the weekly sessions we provide.
Watch, Learn, and Heal. They are designed to give you everything you need for a life-style of success. Some sacrifices will
be required. You may not be able to eat all the foods you are used to, you may have to adopt some new eating patterns. Regardless of what will be new to you when you start the 3Believe Diet, you will feel better and will see results quickly.
Best Tasting Health Food. You may have heard about our award winning SmartFoods. They are considered by many to be the
secret to their success because they get to eat whole foods and
snacks while they are on the diet.

100 Calories or 700… You Decide. Foods like pizza that has 100 calories instead of 700 for a 9 inch pie. They are award winning because they taste gourmet and are as good or better than a pizza
from your favorite pizzeria.

Keeping Insulin Low. They are so low in calories and won’t cause high levels of insulin in your body. We have created several SmartFoods like: chocolate, bread, tortillas, mufns, corn chips and
much more.

Another important point to remember. After you graduate to the lifestyle phase of the diet, you will be able to eat any of your favorite foods that you love, nothing will be on your “never to eat
again” list. The diet is divided into 4 parts called “phases”—there is
a beginning and an end to the 3Believe Diet:
• Phase 1 – has been clinically shown to get you the best results in
the fastest amount of time
• Phase 2 and Phase 3 – are designed to transition your body
from correcting the reason you have the symptoms of metabolic
syndrome into a life-style you comfortably maintain for life
• Phase 4 – If you follow this life-style phase of the diet, you will
discover that it is convenient, easy, enjoyable and very cost

Being ready for the 3Believe Diet will be part of your success.A little food shopping and containers for your water and your
prepared meals will help you make the transition more smoothly.

A Small Amount of Planning. We have prepared a list of vegetables, meats, seasonings, and magnesium citrate or adsorbate (not usually found in a supermarket, only at a health food store), you should consider these items in your home before your first day on the 3Believe Diet. We have a sample of recipes that taste great and have proved to be very successful.