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Chronic Disease &
Metabolic Syndrome

The U.S. National Center for Health Statistics says –
a Chronic Disease is a disease that persists for

at least 3 months—such as: overweight/obesity,

high blood pressure or high cholesterol,
having a fatty liver or elevated blood sugar.

Chronic Diseases generally cannot be prevented

by vaccines or cured by medication, nor do they

just disappear on their own.

Eighty-eight percent of
Americans over 65 years old
have at least one chronic
health condition. Nearly fifty
percent of Americans under
the age of 35 have at least
one chronic disease.

Major Health Damaging
Behaviors—By far the most
significant cause of Chronic
Disease is an imbalance and
dysfunction of Microbiome
(gut bacteria). Next on the
list are poor diet, tobacco
use and lack of physical

Your Super Power???

The most popular known Chronic Diseases are also referred to as Metabolic Syndrome (MSx).
If you have any of the health issues below, your doctor will diagnose you with


Do YOU have any of these?


• Overweight or obesity [ LEARN MORE ]

• High Blood pressure [ LEARN MORE ]

• High Cholesterol and or triglyceride levels [ LEARN MORE ]

Diabetes or elevated glucose levels [ LEARN MORE ]

•Fatty liver (NAFLD) [ LEARN MORE ]


This isn’t a complete list of all the chronic diseases, sadly most Americans have at least one of the

health risks above (79% are overweight). The saddest part is so many Americans having a

chronic illness is that it is a matter of choice. Preventing and reversing chronic conditions is

relatively easy, though it does require a lifestyle change.

You’re not human!

You’re Not Human

It sounds shocking that you may not be 100% YOU. So what are you?
The latest coming out of the science department is we are 90% non-human.

We have 100 trillion bacteria cells in and on our bodies. 

That is a good thing and we have always had these bacteria companions.However, our ancestors had different bacteria and were stronger than ours 

are today. Learn how to strengthen YOURS.

These bacteria called Microbiome are the teachers and they educate your immune system on how to defeat the viruses, foreign invaders and unhealthy bacteria.

Approximately 80% of how strong your immune system is depends on the strength of your gut bacteria (microbiome). The profile of your microbiome is more unique than your fingerprint. But if you don’t have enough or the specific bacteria that knows how to fight a viruses or disease your immune system can’t learn how to defeat it.

ALL Chronic Disease Begins in Your Gut

We are all faced with the chance of accidents and DNA dysfunction. But we are learning that Chronic Disease is a lifestyle choice. Chronic Disease is to blame for 3 out of 4 deaths.

There isn’t a lot we can do about DNA mutations and accidents that surprise us. But reports coming out of the laboratory tell us that we have the choice whether we have a chronic illness or not. Chronic illnesses like: heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes and even depression can be a choice.

Microbiome testing can give you the Secret Weapon needed to avoid the hazards of living with a chronic disease.

Health experts are finding that biome density and the type of bacteria that we have in our gut literally decides if you will or won’t have a chronic disease.

Good Bacteria vs. Deadly Bacteria

Only about 5% of our microbiome (bacteria) in our gut are the bad guys. Unfortunately it doesn’t take very much of these bad bacteria to do us harm and make us sick.

Surprisingly, it isn’t impossible to make your gut healthy IF you have the right kind of bacteria. You just need to know what kind you have so you can build a strong defense. Identifying the problem is the key, testing is the ONLY way to know what bacteria you have and which ones you need.

Personalized Nutrition

The internet is bulging with recommendations of the perfect diet. The reality is that we are all different and nothing is more unique than our gut bacteria.

Since all chronic disease starts in the gut, it makes sense that we start there to obtain perfect health. Our microbiome bacteria requires certain foods to give us the results that we are looking for. A diet that works for one person won’t work for everyone. Do you know YOUR perfect diet? We can find out for you through the GUT TEST.

Because your microbiome is different from anyone else in the world, the only way to learn what your cells are wanting and your recipe for ultimate performance is to learn what kind of bacteria you have inside of you. Then you can build up the good guys and push out the bad.



        KETO HYBRID.
            Healthiest Ketogenic Diet

         + Fortifying Gut Microbiome

             with Healthy Bacteria

What is it?

It’s simple to follow the keto hybrid diet plan proven to shed unwanted fat quickly.
• • •
Scientifically backed solution to rid yourself of chronic illnesses and obtain ultimate health for the rest of your life.

How does our

Keto Hybrid work?

It’s a 4-Phase program that takes you through a proven system of cellular and organ repair.
• • •
It will improve your nutrient absorption while eating balanced whole foods and delicious nutrient dense shakes, which are packed with all your vitamins and mineral including omega fats.
• • •
These 4 meals a day will keep you satisfied while helping you lose unhealthy fat without feeling hungry or weak.

How long

will it take?

Having a healthy body doesn’t have to require a lifetime of eating healthy, you can start now. Fortunately, our Keto Hybrid solution will show you results in just days!
• • •
After following our program and your dream body is achieved, just (1) one 3Believe complete meal replacement shake is all that is needed to maintain ultimate health and your new awesome body.

Check Out Some of Our Training.
Your First 3 Days

What Do We Mean by “Hybrid”?

The Healthiest Ketogenic Diet + Fortifying Your Gut Microbiome with Healthy Bacteria Over 20,000 studies confirm that a ketogenic (low carb, high fat) diet is the ultimate diet for all of us. The challenge is, that current keto diets don’t address the effects they have on our gut bacteria culture. (learn more about Microbiome)

Over 10,000 Microbiome tests prove that people following a regular keto diet produces an unhealthy gut microbiome culture.

Studies also have shown that you can have the best of both worlds.Combining the healthiest diet: the ketogenic hybrid diet AND fortifying your gut microbiome with healthy bacteria is the answer.

The results speak for themselves…

Get Your Health Back. Get Your LIFE back!

Here’s how it begins:
Repair your cells and absorb more nutrients.
A few numbers you should know:


The average American only absorbs 47% of the foods that they are eating. Get the nutrients that you need and deserve. By following the Keto Hybrid program you will be absorbing up to 98% of everything your body needs to be… looking and feeling awesome again.


The Keto Hybrid diet plan can have you burning your body fat as soon as 72 hours. Keeping you in the “fat burning” zone is key. Fortifying you with cellular correcting and lifesaving nutrients is assured with our hybrid program. Within a few days, you can be repairing your cells allowing them to absorb much more than 47% of your food’s nutrients.

10 to 1

There are 10 times more bacteria microbes in your body than there are human cells. Since 3 to 4 deaths are caused by chronic disease and all chronic issues start in your gut, it only makes sense that you need to focus on creating a healthy and balanced microbiome in your gut. But you already had a “Gut Feeling” that was the answer!

The Training Never Stops
4 more days. 4 more videos

Reset your Digestive System.
Create a Fat Burning Machine.

The 3Believe Wellness Program not only helps you absorb more nutrients than you’re currently getting from your food, also helps in resetting the foundation organs needed for a lifetime of ultimate health: your pancreas, liver and digestive system.

You Are What You Eat » We Are What Our Microbiome Digests

Our Keto Hybrid program takes you from 300-400 grams (avg. American consumption) of carbs a day to less than 20 grams of carbs per day; this is the quickest way to get you into ketosis and start using your liver as a fat burning machine.

Here are common results from people just like you.

5.2 lbs. lost
in the first

12 inches lost
in the first 30

days… Drop a pant size
or two!

66% improvement

in overall health

the first month…

Here comes that

awesome feeling again!

82% eliminate or reduce

medications the first 60 days… say goodbye to the pharmacy

100% report feeling better

and overall well being

Phase 1:

until 90% of the

unwanted fat is lost

Shake it Up!

Repair Cells,

Absorb Nutrients

the Right Way



Phase 2: 2–3 weeks
Balance it Out

healthy eating lifestyle
2 shakes a day
2 self-prepared meals a day
carb intake = 50 grams or less
Add our Delicious Keto Smart Foods

to your lifestyle

Phase 3: 2–3 weeks
Solidify the

The most important Phase!
Solidify changes made in Phases 1 & 2
1 shake a day
3 self-prepared meals a day
carb intake = 100 grams or less
CONTINUE TO ENJOY our Delicious Keto Smart Foods

Phase 4:
(Feel great and love
your body again!)

Maintain a great level of health for life
1 shake a day
3 self-prepared meals a day
1 “cheat day” every week
carb intake = 150 grams or less
There is no food on the “I can’t eat List”

When you Believe It, You’ll See It!

• Energy
• Vitality
• Mental Clarity
• Digestive Ability
• Sleep
• Concentration
• Feelings of Well-Being

• Irritability
• Forgetfulness
• Fatigue
• Hot Flashes
• Body Aches

Program Benefits
All CMRs are NOT
Created Equal!

Compare How Awesome
Our Formula Is

We offer nothing but the best!


• 100% All Natural

• 98% Digestive Protein

• Whole Food Vitamins

• Whole Food Minerals

• Complete Amino Acid Profile

• Digestive Enzymes

• 12g of Fiber per serving

• 100% Natural Sweeteners

• No Antibodies

• No Hormones

• Gluten Free

• Non GMO

• Low Carb

• Probiotics

• Prebiotics

• No Preservatives